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Consulting and Managing Marketing Research


Securing Comprehensive Insights
Providing Actionable Results
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With Richard Miller Associates,

you can have your own Team !! 



•  Marketers (more than just “researchers”) designing and analyzing customized research.

•  Data collectors with a marketing perspective and expertise with long term relationships / integrity.

•  Large databases / web panels for consumers and businesses.


•  Next-day analysis of qualitative and quantitative studies.

•  Raw data within 24 hours of last interview (often SAME day including coding and verbatims)

•  Internally developed procedures and control assure faster completion of your study .

•  Will work 24/7 on your project – our responsiveness is unparalleled in the USA and Canada.


Less Expensive

•  We have low overhead for ALL types of research (including our ‘Great Research Studio’) – the result is our ability to negotiate an agreeable budget.

•  No job is too large or too small – we always meet your quotas.

•  Providing value for your dollar by understanding your research needs and using proven methods to complete the data collection.

Product Planning

Product Planning

Design & Styling of the Future



Sight, Sound and Engaging



Designing the better Breadbox

Consumers and B2B

Consumers and B2B

Finding samples you are seeking



Concept, Comparison & AfterSale

Marketing Research

Marketing Research

Managing & Consulting

RMA Consulting and Management

Quantitative Research

•  Our teams assure your research designs work in North America, with question word-smithing, Americanization and editing to assure English understanding and comprehension

•  Consultation availability for special analytical techniques (CBC Conjoint, correlation/regression, perceptual mapping, factor analysis, cluster analysis, discriminate analysis)

Qualitative Research

• Group facilities,  moderating, transcriptions and summaries

•  1-on-1 executive interviewing and analysis


Facilitation and Managing  Marketing Research

•  Ideation sessions for new products/strategies/ideas

•  Field Management

•  Programming for CAPI / CATI / Web with coding and exporting to your data map and  format

•  Availability of Reporting and Presentations


In short, our Teams use gang interviews, focus groups, product clinics, in-depth interviews, phone interviews, mail surveys, online research, in-home interviews, shadow shopping and face-to-face interviews to get answers to questions. 


Then the team will provide ONLY the services that you request for your research.

Gang Sessions with Products, Concepts , and Mini-FGDs

Gang Sessions with Products, Concepts , and Mini-FGDs using CAPI

Focus Groups Sessions

Focus Groups  Sessions with your choice of many moderators

Richard Miller Associates, a premier Marketing Research firm celebrating a 30 year history in securing comprehensive insights with actionable results needed for decisions and solutions that work. We specialize in Qualitative and Quantitative research with our primary focus being a collaborative and consultative partner for all of our International clients with their research needs within the USA and Canada.



Richard Miller Associates' Teams  . . .

 Research Services Team for consultation and field management of marketing research.

•  Our Automotive  Team manages on-going measures of product quality, customer satisfaction, buying behavior and new product direction / development.  

•  Data Collecting Teams manage our own Remote CAPI / CATI system or Affiliated Testing Centers within the USA with 55 nationwide USA / Canadian markets in 25 primary areas .

•  OnLine Team with our “Research Reward®” -- our blended web-based panel / database interviewing throughout USA/Canada.  This Team finds and recruits your respondents.

. . .  With A la carte or a complete packages, our Teams provide one-stop for helping your with your marketing decisions in North America. 

Take a look at our Specialized Services
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Services Team

Services Team

Automotive Team

Automotive Team

Data Collection Team

Data Collection Team

OnLine Team

OnLine Team




"Our Team and Your Team"


A designated Team from Richard Miller’s staff is assigned for personal attention and expertise in completing your project and all other work with you.

Capitalizing on both single and Hybrid methodologies, our results go well beyond data collection and reporting. Each Team has the history, worldly product knowledge and experience to assist you in the beginning phases of the study, recruiting, question reviews, on-site management, data collection and delivery of the data -- and if needed, RMA can  interpret the findings into actionable results that you can trust and rely on. Because of this, we possess the understanding to manage your project to your specific research needs, recommending and providing you with the Research Resources necessary. Whether you need single or Hybrid methodologies, our Teams have the resources available for you:


  • Full Service Research: Design and consultative analysis of customized research with consumers and businesses including question wordsmithing to assure North American understanding 

  • Quantitative Research:  Central location tests, Gang Interviews, Product testing, Online interviews, Executive interviews and Telephone Interviews

  • Qualitative Research: Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews, Tele-Depth Interviews, In-Home and Ethnography Research including Shadowing

  • Blended Web-Panel Interviewing: Panelists in the USA and Canada

  • Recruiting:  Consumers and BTB Executives throughout the USA and Canada -- our Teams find the respondents and ensure they attend your study

  • Moderation:  Gang Interviews, Focus Groups, IDI’s, In-Homes, Product Placement, CLTs

  • Project Management:  A dedicated team to provide superior data collection, processing and project coordination services

  • Field Management:  Directing and supporting all research phases from inception through final report and recommendations

  • Data Processing: Questionnaire Programming, Data Cleaning and Formatting, Coding, Statistics and Conjoint Analysis

  • Proctoring, Facilitation and Execution for all Quantitative and Qualitative methodologies

  • Data Delivery in a variety of formats to fit your needs including SPSS, ASCII and Excel

  • Tabulations, Reports and PowerPoint Presentations available upon request

We have completed over 1000 studies annually for a variety of clients with RMA’s various Teams.  Virtually ALL our studies are of ‘product’ orientation or of a pre-recruited nature or Customer Satisfaction.  RMA in the past 10 years has successfully completed over 150 gang pre-recruited interviews and automobile clinics with over a 94% overall respondent show rate. 


Our clients comment on:

•        The articulation, knowledge and subject experience of our respondents

•        The accurate quota distribution as originally specified                

•        The accuracy and thorough editing of all data and reports 

•        The availability of immediate preliminary reports due to advanced technology

•        The commitment to adhere to all original timelines – being available at the times you need us

•        Our exceptional on site experience, nothing short of a 5-star rating

•        The final recommendation and verbal reporting summaries FREE after the FGDs and IDIs

•        96% overall client satisfaction rate based on solicited and unsolicited ratings




Responsive, Caring, Problem Solvers, Budget Conscience, Passionate, and Gets the Job Done Right.


Since starting in the business of marketing research in the USA over 30 years ago by assisting those with marketing research needs and then traveling extensively throughout the world, our company has established itself in the global arena by providing the North American perspective.

As we work with clients in the USA, Europe, Korea, Japan, or Asia in providing Marketing Research Services and  Data Collection, we give input to the added dimensional challenge of cultural differences, language barriers, and foreign products and services.

It’s our passion and it is what we love to do by . . .

Working with and representing the needs for marketing research in North America.

RMA is very proud of our TEAMS who fulfill your needs. 

You will see this not only displayed in our unparalleled collaboration efforts, timely daily reporting and communication but also in:

  •         Our proven 94% average Qualified show rates

  •         The articulation, knowledge and subject experience of our respondents

  •         The accurate quota distribution as originally specified                     

  •         The accuracy and thorough editing of all data and reports 

  •         The availability of immediate preliminary reports due to advanced technology

  •         The commitment to adhere to all original timelines – being available at the times you need us to be

  •         Your exceptional on site experience, nothing short of a 5-star rating

  •         The final recommendation and reporting summaries providing data you can trust in an easy to interpret format

  •         96% overall client satisfaction rate based on solicited and unsolicited ratings


Because we understand the importance in your selection of the proper consultative partner, RMA commits to deliver the exceptional high quality service with extremely competitive market pricing.

Our Teams Want to Work for YOU !!   




Client Testimonials:

  • A recent electronics study client wrote about Richard’s insight and capabilities:  “We are very appreciated for your efforts. And personally, I respect you because you seem to have eyes to see the world.  I want to be like you.  Thank you again.”

  • "Due to your excellent support, we finished our 1st reporting successfully. My clients expressed their satisfaction on the results from this study. I appreciate you & your team’s exceptional effort."

  • "This data is outstanding. I appreciate your excellent job"

  • "We’re really impressed with the level of detail you have gone into, especially in relation to the insight about USA consumers and their open-ended responses."

  • "I really appreciate all of your kind & very hard work to make this study a success. Looking forward to having a chance to work together in the near future." 

  • Dear Richard and Team, ..."Needless to say, your team will always be our top consideration to work with as a partner in one team!!"

Since the inception of RMA Research we have continued to practice and stand firm in our primary business belief to differentiate ourselves from our competition based on the Quality of Service that we provide. 


We understand your concerns in wondering if the service and results you receive can be trusted.  You can have complete confidence that we will never deviate from our high quality standards; knowing that the actionable results provided are second to none.


Over the years we have implemented the highest quality protocols, training processes and rigorous standards to ensure you are receiving nothing but the best.

And the RMA Teams work very hard to please our clients by meeting all quotas with quality and timeliness.


FACTS from our Teams










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