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Data Collection Locations in the USA and Canada


Richard Miller Associates operates throughout the USA and Canada.  


Depending on your project needs, we can complete your study nationwide or in select cities.


RMA Testing Centers

Not all products are suited for research conducted by phone, mail or the Internet.  Testing Centers allow Face to Face, IDI or Gang  interviews to be conducted qualitatively or quantitatively

RMA finds most clients prefer areas with high densities of population.  In these cities, RMA has responded to this with our expanded database sampling, localized staff and approved facilities in these major cities across the USA and Canada:

RMA and our Testing Center associates have over 55 permanent locations in Shopping Malls and Offices Buildings in more than 25 areas with significant Population Density.  We find most clients prefer one of the following areas for their testing . . .


East Coast 

New York City / New Jersey  












Los Angeles / Orange County

San Francisco

San Diego





For those who prefer downtown locations, we now have exclusive arrangements with selected Focus Group facilities in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and San Francisco.

We also Manage the marketing research and facilities with other proven and qualified firms in non-associated cities across the USA and Canada.

RMA Telephone Centers


As part of our work, our telephone centers are one of the most important in integral parts for the success of our projects.  In ALL aspects of our work, the telephone centers play a MAJOR part.

BUT RMA’s telephone centers are NOT your typical telephone centers:

  • Our staff and interviewers are now all over the USA.

  • Our databases, call lists, staff, computer equipment and software are the integral components for our success.

  • RMA has developed our own software to meet the needs of our staff and the needs to complete the research.  We do not take someone else’s software and adapt it to the needs of our staff in getting the research completed. 

  • And we maintain the HIGHEST standards to assure the work is being completed with the highest quality and meets the needs of our clients.

Most importantly, this system has a proven track record over the past 8 years and now completes 10's of thousands of interviews and recruits (and our pre-recruited studies secure an average of a 94% show rate !)

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