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Database & Panel Respondents for the USA and Canada


RMA On-Line with “Research Reward” Panel

Unlike others that only have a single panel, RMA On-Line has its “Research Reward ®“ managed “blended” panel to fulfill sample requests of any kind in the USA and Canada.


Offering blended web-based panel interviewing


Face to Face created databases or Internet Panels??   With Richard Miller Associates, the choice is yours.


Today, Internet Based Interviewing has become the standard for interviewing with virtually ALL of our quantitative research being completed using our Web Based Questionnaires .

Why use our “Research Reward®“ Blended Panel?


In short,

  •   We provide a SOLUTION for the completion of virtually ALL types of samples.

  •   We use our RESOURCES to get those hard to find respondents whether from our database, our blended internet samples or our Testing Centers.  

  •   We UNDERSTAND the North American market to assure you get the data and the results your client expects.

  • We are EXPANDING our blended panel to include samples INTERNATIONALLY so we can assist in multi-country / multi-language projects using ONE SOURCE for your data collection.

Internet Interviewing is not a matter of simply emailing invitations to respondents to be interviewed !!


With the proven quality of recruiting and excellent service, RMA On-Line now delivers Internet Interviewing in affiliated Testing Centers, in respondents’ homes or on the telephone.

In our Panel Management, RMA offers . . .


  • Question wordsmithing to assure English understanding in the USA and Canada

  • Blended Web-Panel Interviewing: Panelists in the USA & Canada

  • Project Management:  A dedicated team to provide superior data collection, processing and project coordination services

  • Field Management:  Directing and supporting all research phases from inception through final report and recommendations

  • Strict quota controls:  Using RMA’s management software, we monitor and adjust the flow of respondents to assure we meet the quotas.

  • Data Processing: Questionnaire Programming, Statistics and Conjoint Analysis

  • Data Delivery

  • Tabulations, Reports and PowerPoint Presentations


In summary, RMA On-Line . . .


  •   provides sampling and managed panel options, with consumers and businesses of all kinds

  •   fulfills the sample quotas – we never miss our targeted samples

  •   executes sophisticated on-line questionnaires and CBC conjoint

  •   provide the data / results in virtually any format you request

  •   works with you and the data in providing the insight into making smarter decisions with your data collection

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