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Automotive Research and The Great Research Studio


RMA Automotive and the Great Research Studio


Assists you in the management of your Automotive Studies in the USA and Canada.

  • Live data for a clinic, Focus Group, In Depth interview, Drive study

  • Telephone or Web surveys with owners / intenders

  • Mail Surveys (including Hybrid recruiting to assure representativeness)

  • Facilities for clinics, drive tests or large scale studies


And you can order ONLY what you need.


Since our first car clinic and after 100’s of them, we have garnered the experience to assist you with whatever you may need, including facilities and layout, vehicle acquisition, recruiting, CAPI computers, staffing, on-site clinic management, security, catering, audio / video needs, translation equipment – many of these owned by RMA.


Scroll down to the bottom to view the summary of the Great Research Studio.






Experienced Automotive and Management Team

We know you are the experts and RMA wants to be there to be your on location management team in the USA and Canada to assist you in however little or much you need. 


Types of Automotive Projects

RMA  has extensive experience . . .


  • Facilities and Static Clinics(including layout, lighting, decorations, environmental, and more)

  • Drive Studies (including use of a nearby private airport with hangers – Great for those security


  • Customer Satisfaction


  • Product Quality


  • Buying Behavior


  • Market Segmentation


  • Dealer mystery shopping


  • Loyalty and Engagement Management


  • Features Desirability


  • Attributes to improve vehicle selection and improve customer satisfaction


  • Emerging technology acceptance and future product development


  • Advance Product Research and Planning


  • Qualitative Ideation Sessions (including facilities, translation, audio / video, catering, etc.) in Clinic or in FGD rooms nationwide


  • Advanced Products (including delivery, setup, and climate control.)


  • Web, Telephone or Mail Surveys for usage behavior, product satisfaction, defining new possibilities, and buyer demographics and lifestyles. 


  • Product Concept research – on location in a secure site with visuals or properties / prototypes / seating bucks


  • Review Prototype (static or drive) as they near final design schedule – reviewing competitive products to assure competitiveness to gain market positioning


RMA is happy to discuss with you how we may be able to assist you with your automotive research needs in the USA and Canada.



The Great Research Studio

RMA Centers for Automobile Product Clinics

There are lots of conventions centers and ballrooms across the USA and Canada to conduct your clinic or large scale study, but there are only a few ‘studios’ that offer secure areas for the display of highly sensitive materials and prototypes. 

In New York Metropolitan Area, there is ONE that WILL meet you needs !

The Great Research Studio !

The Great Research Studio is the newest addition to RMA’s Group of Companies. The Great Research Studio facility is NOT a warehouse, but is a fully equipped movie studio facility that has virtually everything you will need right on location to setup and conduct your sophisticated research clinics and studies.


The rental of the facility will be exclusive to you with highest levels of security and can be adapted for:

  •    1 to 7 car product clinics

  •    Sophisticated Multi-media presentations

  •    Focus Groups, IDIs, Mini-FGDs, Gang Sessions and sales meetings / presentations

  •   Movie screenings, drive and ride,  and special events


Order what you need, provide you own, or use our complete research staff to assist you and your staff for a successful and delightful clinic experience !

Note what is INCLUDED in the 'Typical 3-Day Rental Package" with  the Great Research Studio:

  1. The ENTIRE Studio including dressing rooms, storage, Wifi, electric, Heat, Whisper Quiet AC, copy machines, cleaning services, parking, Stage Manager and local phone calls.

  2. RMA Facility Manager -- interfaces with your Research Team and Facility Stage Manager

  3. Clinic Standard Package -- FULL 15' high drapery surrounds EACH studio PLUS includes 100 ft of additional drapery, 8 tables, 50 chairs, standard lighting (dimmable, diffused and positionable -- no 'highlights' on vehicles.  And the floors and NOT painted -- NO tire marks with our included 3' by 3' grey movable tiles.

  4. Light Catering includes coffee, tea, beverages, light breakfast and snacks

  5. And your setup team can be NON-UNION 

Our THIRD studio is nearly completed !  Watch for our announcement !


  • FULL FACILITY Usage with FREE parking for 25 respondents spaces


Electrical and Lighting (included)

Fully covered costs

NO hookup charges

NON-union (no surprise labor charges)

NO metered usage of electricity 

Climate Control (included -- no surprise usage charges)

Whisper quiet A/C and heat

Individually controlled in each room for comfort


FULL 15' High surrounding each Studio Included

100 ft of additional drapery, 8 tables, 50 chairs, standard lighting

Moveable Grey Tiled Flooring (no tire marks)

NO surprise extra charges 

Security (Optional)

Full time  or 24 hour security (off duty police)

Metal detector / wand

Lockers with locks

Private room for security concerns or respondent issues

Overnight Security Level -- Movie Studio Building

Unloading at secure loading docks


Coffee, Tea, Water, and other beverages plus snacks and light breakfast included for clients

Full catering available optionally for full breakfast, lunch, dinners and full snacks for clients and / or respondents (recently rated as the BEST of any clinic !)



(or you may arrange for your own !)

  • AUDIO / VIDEO / TRANSLATION EQUIPMENT (with lapel mics and headsets for multiple languages)



Staffing needs available


Check out including disbursements of incentives

Clinic staff / interviewers (also trained for tablet usage)

Clinic guides

Supervision / key manager of staffing


​Marketing Research functions available including

Marketing Research / Clinic Manager

Staffing Manager

Tech Manager for computer / audio / video

Moderation of FGDs / IDIs

Programming of questionnaire, including coding and data exporting and tabulations

Transcriptions word for word by person spoken

Multiple languages supported for video and audio


On-site vehicle detailing and debadging

Daily vehicle detailing and cleaning

Drive test studies including

Tents for parking

Heaters in cool weather

Trailers for respondent in in-climate weather

Drive test course (with multiple routings and optimized for minimal traffic)


Please call or email us for details and to discuss your current or future needs for a Research Studio on the East Coast of the USA.


World Phone:  +1 248 672-1644

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