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RMA Team Research Services


Richard Miller Associates designates a Team to coordinate your research with our various RMA divisions or our affiliates.  We have the SOLUTIONS and RESOURCES for providing responses to your questions for feasibility, cost, timing, staff (including moderators) and the knowledge for data collection and sampling for the USA and Canada


  • Teams:  We work to select the best team to work on your project


  • Solutions:  The answers you need for the decisions that work.

  • Data Collection:  The resources to get your data collected in North America !

  • Resources:  The real key to successful research is having resources to get the data that is actionable. 

RMA Consulting and Management

Quantitative Research

  • Our teams assure your research designs work in North America, with question word-smithing, Americanization and editing to assure English understanding and comprehension

  • Consultation availability for special analytical techniques (CBC Conjoint, correlation/regression, perceptual mapping, factor analysis, cluster analysis, discriminate analysis)

Qualitative Research

  • Group facilities,  moderating, transcriptions and summaries

  • 1-on-1 executive interviewing and analysis


Facilitation and Managing  Marketing Research

  • Ideation sessions for new products/strategies/ideas

  • Field Management

  • Programming for CAPI / CATI / Web with coding and exporting to your data map and  format

  • Availability of Reporting and Presentations


In short, our Teams use gang interviews, focus groups, product clinics, in-depth interviews, phone interviews, mail surveys, online research, in-home interviews, shadow shopping and face-to-face interviews to get answers to questions.  Then the team will provide ONLY the services that you request for your research.


Success of your project begins with your RMA team for expert problem finding and planning. And with our expansive RMA owned network, we assist you with your problems, we are responsive, timely & cost efficient.

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